Impact of Nutrition of Animals on Immunity and Disease Cure


Our world is currently suffering a lot of important environmental change. Around the planet, the ecosystems are increasingly subjected to the negative effects of human population growth and its expanding ecological footprint. Be it in the form of habitat loss or alteration, the introduction of invasive species, pathogen spill-over, accumulation of persistent pollutants, climate change or stratospheric ozone depletion, global environmental change has altered physical and biological systems and is becoming of increasing concern for the well-being and survival of many species. This because all the described changes can have a negative impact on animal immune system, being they more sensitive to pathogens and thus can compromise the general health with negative consequences in animal welfare as well as in animal production. According to the concept of “One Health”, the health of the environment, of the animals and of the humans is one. Thus we have to preserve the environment but also we have to identify strategies to preserve animal health under particular environmental conditions.

Many rearing and nutritional strategies have been developed and others are being investigated to counteract the negative effect of environmental stressors on animal health. It is hugely important to find novel and alternative strategies to improve and enhance animal responses based on environmental conditions. A detailed understanding of their influence on immune and health status of animals will lead to a better understanding of the mechanism of action of possible alternatives and facilitate the development of more efficacious alternative products to sustain animal wellbeing.

The aim of the current Research Topic is to cover recent and novel trends in the animal health field. Areas to be covered in this Research Topic may include, but are not limited to:

• Environmental stressors on animal health and production
• Natural feed additives to improve animal health and immune status
• Advanced nutritional techniques
• Nutraceuticals
• Environmental enrichments and animal welfare

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