Analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)


About the Journal:

Current Trends in Cardiology is an open access journal that aims to publish manuscripts which provide valuable information and practical reviews that assist the researchers in reviewing and updating their knowledge in the field of cardiology.

The archived content of the journal represents the track of progress made in this field over the past decade. The information gathered by the journal encourage researchers to publish their new findings or ideas in an open access platform. The volume of information contained on the journal website is contributed by authors from different regions of the world. Due to these reasons’ readers hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and regions are interested in the journal content.

Analysis on global internet users of (By Google Analytics)

Allied Academies was established in the year 1994 and operates a journal portfolio focusing on biomedical, environment, finance and marketing subjects. The main aim is to publish original, peer-reviewed articles following internationally recognized standard editorial guidelines, publication ethics and production policies. Several authors affiliated to reputed organizations, institutions, government bodies have published their valuable contributions with Allied Academies.

This itself is the testimony to the trust and confidence gained by the publisher over several years of publishing history. The web metric has revealed that Allied Academies is highly popular among scientific associations, libraries and professional bodies. More than 2,147,577 users have accessed the publisher website with more than 6,486,1480-page views.

Web metrics of Allied Academies (By Google Analytics)

Users: 2,147,577

Page views: 6,486,148

Downloads: 76

As per the latest available Google Stats, the number of web sessions was 2,882,056 with 2.25 percent rate of new sessions. Additionally, several users are also revisiting the web site indicating their sustained interest to read and publish content with Allied Academies journal. Upon considering the stats for the linked resources of Allied academies, the counts will be much higher.

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