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Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, accounting for 25% (1.7 million) of new cases and 15% of cancer deaths. Breast cancer has attracted growing attention among researchers and academic circles.

A highly effective research approach for breast cancer is to create animal models of breast cancer. Among the proposed models, the transgenic mice or GEM model is seemingly the best choice for providing specificity and possibility for development of various tumors, while the chemically induced models offer higher cost-effectiveness and greater ease of application. Nonetheless, these models are not only incapable of providing specificity, but also have the potential for developing other tumors in other tissues as well as heterogenic tumors in mammary tissues. It is thus a specifically ineffective technique for studying tumor cells. Although there are many different techniques for inducing breast cancer, what is in fact required is the quantitative and qualitative development of effective and reliable techniques.

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