Google Analytics Metrics for the Current Trends in Cardiology


About the Journal:

Current Trends in Cardiology is an open access journal that aims to publish manuscripts which provide valuable information and practical reviews that assist the researchers in reviewing and updating their knowledge in the field of cardiology.

The archived content of the journal represents the track of progress made in this field over the past decade. The information gathered by the journal encourage researchers to publish their new findings or ideas in an open access platform. The volume of information contained on the journal website is contributed by authors from different regions of the world. Due to these reasons’ readers hailing from diverse professional backgrounds and regions are interested in the journal content.

Google Analytics Metrics for the Current Trends in Cardiology Journal

  • It is quite evident from Google Analytics data that browser, viewers, and users are constantly visiting the web page of the journal from various quarters of the world 24×7.
  • It was observed that approximately 9484 visitors have accessed the journal pages for reading and deriving information for their use
  • Our reader base originates from both developing and developed Nations. Readers from all the continents were found to visit our website the proportion of their distribution was as follows: India (23.09%), United States (7.92%), India (4.22%), India (4.10%), India (3.75%)
  • The average time spent by a visitor per session of 2 mins indicated that their visit is not mere drop in but for availing the facility with some purpose which include viewing, reading, downloading and navigating.
  • Sections of scientific literature including current issues and archives has recorded highest visibility and readership indicted that there exists profound interest in our published content.
  • The journal has also taken keen interest in profiling the affiliations and academic achievements of authors and editors and the number of clicks on their web page show tremendous interest among the visitors. Concomitantly, this also resulted in wider recognition of the authors and editors and their contributions among medical research community.

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John Mathews
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Current Trends in Cardiology