Insights on Cancer Preventive Approaches Using Plant Based Extracts


Insights on Cancer Preventive Approaches Using Plant Based Extracts


Cancer is one of the fatal diseases, and it continues to pose a significant health problem worldwide. Although great efforts are being done to discover a cure, cancer still remains a very prominent cause of mortality in humans, and its effective treatment is a formidable challenge. Although cancer therapies have been performed throughout the history, the efficacy of the treatment still remains a challenge. In recent years, natural product compounds have become the first choice of treatment in many cases. Gene therapy, in addition, is offering selective new methods for treatment. This review emphasizes the advancements cancer treatment using naturally derived products with significantly less toxicity and more efficacies; thereby enhancing the understanding of different cancers and potential of the plant based extract in the anti-cancer field.

Since ancient times, natural products have been known to prevent several chronic diseases, like cancer. A revived interest in different phytochemicals obtained from dietary/medicinal plant sources has proved to be the alternative sources of bioactive compound that can be used as therapeutic or preventive agents against many diseases [9-11]. The application of substances to prevent or delay the development of carcinogenesis is commonly termed as chemoprevention. There is an interest for the use of natural compounds as a means of possible chemo-preventive and therapeutic agents for humans.

This review has tried to summarize the research studies done in the discovery of naturally derived medicines and their effective utilization in the treatment of different types of cancer. This also provides information about herbs and natural products that potentially decrease the growth of cancer. In addition to chemotherapy, and all other therapies, new therapies are now at different stages of development to decrease drug toxicity in humans and increase efficacy by directly targeting the tumor. More studies are required but these new ways of treatment are opening doors to hope for many patients waiting for a successful therapy for cancer disease. Healthcare and clinical professionals can play clinical roles as knowledge resources for masses, by generating awareness on usage of herbs. Natural drugs also serve as a chemical model for the design, synthesis, and semisynthesis of novel substances, such as paclitaxel (Taxol), vincristine (Oncovin) and camptothecin, in the treatment of human cancer. Taken together, the anti-cancer compounds derived from the extracts has proven to be effective in the prognosis and diagnosis of the cancer and its recurrence.

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